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At Boyer Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada, we pride ourselves in providing compassionate representation to all of our clients.  Here what former clients have to say about us.

“I know how busy and involved a lawyer’s profession is because my husband was a lawyer (I was employed in office). I think highly of the help I’ve had (from ‘Jo’). She was understanding and patient and very kind. Thanks to ‘Boyer Law Group‘.” – Theresa

“This was our third visit to the Boyer Law Group, and in all cases we were delighted with the competent and patient skills of Luisa. We are confident and comfortable with our revised wills and trusts. Luisa provided insights to us in areas we did not consider. There were areas where decisions were difficult and Luisa guided us through the difficulties. You are fortunate indeed to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable member of your staff!” – Shirley

“I am glad I used Boyer Law Group because Kim Boyer is understanding and knowledgeable on both legal and everyday issues affecting senior citizens, their families and caretakers. She is compassionate and treats each client as if they were her only client. She explains the legal process and what to expect every step of the way.

Kim Boyer is a published author and her book Alzheimer’s and Dementia: A Practical and Legal Guide for Nevada Caretakers is a must read for anybody who is affected by this horrible disease.

Kim Boyer’s integrity is reflected by her reasonable fees and her overall application of elder law as it applies to individual cases.

She employs professional assistants who are experts in their specialized fields.

I worked with the legal papers necessary for obtaining legal guardianship of a member of my family. The paperwork is long, very detailed and complicated. She helped me make sure that I gathered the required documents and then assembled them per court requirements. She always demonstrated kindness and understanding.

After my family member passed, I worked with Jo Smith in completing the probate of her estate. This is also a long process that requires certain paperwork listing the value of ALL items in the estate including, but not limited to, sale of real estate (if needed), jewelry, car, personal items, etc. Jo guided me each step of this process and helped me understand how to complete each step. She showed great patience with my many questions.

Overall both Nichole and Jo were available when I needed them and they completed both the guardianship and probate legal papers in a timely and efficient manner. I absolutely could not have done this without them.

In summary, I am glad I used Boyer Law group because they are efficient, knowledgeable, compassionate, professional, they have reasonable fees and the overall excellent customer service.” – Linda

“Kim Boyer and staff were professional, friendly and understanding of our needs and wants when it came to all our requests and legal matters. I would definitely use Boyer Law Group again. I would not hesitate to refer the firm to family and friends for their legal matters, which I have done in the past.” – Joan

“If something should happen to me, my family and I are as protected as possible.” – Kimberly

“Kim Boyer and staff were very professional, helpful and organized. We needed something done quickly and they did it. Kim Boyer gave us creative ideas for what was a very unique situation, at least to us. The Paralegal, Luisa Heizer, was one of the best I have ever dealt with and was great at explaining details and always quick to return calls and to follow-up.” – Jim

“Luisa Heizer and Kim Boyer have always been patient, kind, compassionate, helpful and extremely competent in all dealings with my parents and me. Their knowledge and advice enabled a smooth transfer of property and assets upon the loss of my parents, allowing me to grieve rather than worry endlessly.” – Adrienne

“I liked Kim Boyer instantly; she made me feel comfortable. It was a bonus to feel the trust from that first meeting. Boyer Law Group kept the communication line always available and helpful with all of our stupid questions. Ms. Jo was great in helping us work through all of the necessary paperwork. She was ever so patient with us. I thank Boyer Law Group for helping us to complete our aunt’s will. Thank you Thank you Thank you.” – Joanne

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because of the convenience of the Law Group and the ease and expertise I had in my experience with them. I also had a pleasant experience with all the members of the group that I had direct contact with. Thanks again.” – Seth

“I did not select this group. The law firm was appointed to handle the estate of my aunt. Everything was handled professionally and within the expected time frame. Communication with all the staff was prompt and courteous.” – Gary

Boyer Law Group is the best. Kay and I want to thank you so much for the excellent work you did on our probate. We also found Kim Boyer and Jo were on top of the whole situation pertaining to the work that had to be done. Glad to say we were very pleased. We also thought the main office staff were special too. Thank you for everything.” – Audrey

“I felt comfortable with Kim Boyer and her staff from our very first meeting. I felt they really cared, on a personal level about me, my parents and the situation we presented. Our legal matters were handled quickly and efficiently. Everyone was friendly and kind. I would not hesitate to contact them for any future legal needs. I highly recommend Kim Boyer and the Boyer Law Group” – Nancy

“My mother’s estate work was handled very professional and timely. The way Kim Boyer handled it made it very easy for us at a very difficult time.” – Danny

“It is a first class, professional organization from the receptionist to the paralegal and the attorney. There are not enough words in the English language to adequately complement Jo Smith. Jo’s warmth, compassion and humor is especially appreciated during active grieving. She answered every question immediately; her competence was duly noted. It’s apparent that there’s pride throughout the Boyer Law Group. The concept “it takes a village’ has been beautifully applied to the Boyer Law Group.” – Connie

“They are knowledgeable and polite and answered all my questions” – Susan

“The entire staff was consistently courteous, professional and accommodating. In addition, consistently quick to respond and overall communications was great. Our situation was particularly sensitive and Kim Boyer fully understood and responded in support of my mother’s best interests. I would recommend Kim Boyer and Boyer Law Group for difficult family situations as well as any other legal matters.” – Lisa

“Kim was recommended to us long ago. We are so glad now that we entrusted to her the revision of our legal/estate documents. Kim is really an expert in elder law. We previously used a different group and can clearly see Kim is much better. Kim and Danielle really listened to what we wanted and carefully included those clauses in our docs. They had good answers to our questions and challenges and had a solid rationale for why things were written as they were. They were very thorough. And the cost was reasonable.” – Eldon

“Kim and her team were very professional and honest. Elder laws regarding Estate Planning, living will/ trust was presented in easy to understand terms. Examples that fit my individual trust needs were used to help me plan better. Work was performed quickly, delivered on time, and at a reasonable price. Thank you!” – Becky

“Kim Boyer is so professional. As clients we were confident she would fulfill our wishes for our Trust. Her staff is equally professional and easy to work with. Great experience overall! Danielle Coulter assisted us when we came in to sign our documents. She made sure we understood everything in our docs. She made us feel comfortable and confident.” – James and Victoria

“I’ve been a Chicago attorney for 40 years, including 10 as an administrative law judge and almost 20 in a large (400+ member law firm). I needed an elder care attorney to help my disabled brother in Las Vegas prepare a will, trust, power of attorney and other relevant documents regarding end of life matters. Kim Boyer and her highly talented staff, responded quickly, prepared an expedited power of attorney, and delivered high quality final documents in a timely and cost effective manner. They were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this group.” – Bill

“We are very pleased with the excellent services provided for us Mannings by the Boyer Law Group and by Nevada Guardian Services, LLC.

We were at Lake Tahoe, Nevada when we first learned of John Thomas’ memory lapses and his subsequent consignment to a mental medical facility in the City of Henderson. Our return to Las Vegas resulted in successful action by the Boyer Group for the legal appointment of our guardianships as well that of the Nevada Guardian Services, LLC. I note that John Thomas personally approved the court’s action to appoint the proposed guardianships while in court.

We were also able to reassign John Thomas to the Cottages of Green Valley whose facilities provided more realistic services in a social environment, than those available in Henderson’s facilities. Our reliance in the Nevada Guardian Services, LLC was well earned as a result of their successful work in establishing John Thomas’ financial estate even in the face of unforeseen diverse challenges.

We would recommend the Boyer Law Group and Nevada Guardian Services, LLC to any other persons in need of elderly law assistance.” – Jeanette and Martin

“As I faced the most difficult time in my life I met Kim Boyer and her team. They guided me and my son through something we had no knowledge about. Our thanks to Kim Boyer, Jo Smith, Catherine and Luisa for helping us to get through this.” – Suzi

“Luisa was a joy to work with during the process amending of our Trust. Not only did she quickly and competently answer our questions she also was very patient whenever we requested changes which required re-writes of re-writes.” – Derek

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because they were very professional, timely and helpful. They anticipated what I was going to need to take care of husband’s trust.” – Sandra

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because they are knowledgeable, professional, easy to work with, flexible to meet client needs, and reasonably priced. My husband and I had our trust, wills and other documents reviewed and updated. They recommended changes based on new laws and on their experience with issues to address. They listened to our wishes and made modifications to accommodate. Both Kim Boyer and paralegal, Luisa Heizer, earned our highest recommendation.” – John and Lettie

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because it provided a high level of professional expertise and service that assured a quality product. The staff had obviously been chosen with care. Working with the Boyer Law Group was a good experience.” – Charlotte

“It was an extremely positive experience. Luisa Heizer gave us a very through and detailed explanation of all aspects of our trust in a manner we could understand – could not have been more pleased with her. Kim Boyer prepared the trust to our complete satisfaction.” – Victor and Janet

“I felt the passion and recognized the integrity that Kim Boyer had as an attorney for the elderly. I felt confident my mother was taken care of in all her affairs. Thank you very much. I continue to tell others how important it is to have attorney Kim Boyer represent them. I also want to thank you for helping me and I felt protected as my mother’s Guardian. Everyone on staff that helped me, thank you and especially you Nichole.” – Gayle

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because everyone was helpful, efficient and professional. Definitely would highly recommend Boyer Law Group.” – Roberta

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because Kim Boyer and Jo Ann Smith are true professionals at their craft. Both Kim Boyer and Jo Ann Smith demonstrate a high level of interpersonal confidence and expertise. We have been working on a project with the Boyer Law Group for almost nine years and they have always kept my family informed of progress in our case and have been very understanding and caring regarding keeping us informed.

Our main contact, Jo Ann Smith has been outstanding in her ability to balance many tasks while always being dependable and honest, which establishes a nice harmony between her and her clients. I highly recommend the Boyer Law Group and am thankful for all of their help. ” – Michael

“I am grateful for the help given me by attorney Kim Boyer. Kim Boyer is very knowledgeable. Luisa Heizer was very knowledgeable and kind. I certainly would recommend the Boyer Law Group.” – Dennis

“The service was professional, efficient and courteous. I believe that I received accurate and knowledgeable advice and answers to all my questions and concerns.” – Michael

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because they were very professional and friendly. When I asked questions they knew the correct answer and guided me in the direction that was right for me and my desires.” – Arne

“I am glad that we used the Boyer Law Group because of their thorough, professional, and informative approach to our estate plan. Kim Boyer’s experience as an eldercare attorney implemented the basic concept of our plan as well as recommending suggestions to make it better and more complete. We would also like to add that Luisa Heizer, her certified paralegal, was extremely helpful in going over any changes that we made to our first draft as well as answering all our questions during the final signing.

The final package was professionally completed and delivered with notebook containing our plan along with several copies of the key papers for our future use. We couldn’t have been happier with our experience.” – Jeffrey

“The Boyer Law Group and Luisa Heizer in particular, made the process of updating our living trust and wills seamless and very easy. We were given homework at the end of each session prior to our next meeting. Everything came together and we had a completed package when promised.” – Ken

“We were well treated with proper and understandable responses to my questions. I certainly choose the right team to establish a revocable trust. They seem to have thought of everything. Good job.” – Edward

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because your office performed as advertised!!” – Dick

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because of its exceptionally fine staff. During the almost five years that I have been a client, I have found this firm’s staff to be not only highly knowledgeable, but also unfailingly resourceful and dedicated to helping me with the sometimes varied issues and queries I have brought to them. Their work has always been characterized by the highest degree of professionalism. While the Boyer Law Group handles matters in a most businesslike fashion, not be overlooked is the atmosphere of kindliness and cordiality one finds there, which makes for a pleasant added bonus.” – Richard

“Very efficient. Met our deadlines. Thorough. Detailed documents. Helpful counseling. Professional courtesy. Comfortable office setting. Great teamwork. Flexible. Adaptable with our revisions.” – John

“Our experience with Kim Boyer was what we wanted in estate planning. A group who listened, answered questions, and gave advice when needed. We were fully satisfied with all they did for us. They were cooperative, helpful and met any request we had such as questions, copies, etc. Included with the final documents was a letter advising us how to make changes with various organizations. The letter was a great help in reaching our goals. We thank Kim Boyer, Luisa Heizer, and others who helped. I would recommend the Boyer Law Group to anyone needing similar work like they did for us.” – Donald

“Creating a revocable trust is an important and complex task. Kim Boyer was very helpful and understood our needs. Luisa Heizer was wonderful to work with. I would recommend Boyer Law Group to others.” – William

“Everyone was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions even if it was for the third time. I trusted everyone from Kim Boyer on down. A great experience.” – Mike

“I am glad that I used Boyer Law Group because of the excellent guidance in assisting me with updating vital personal documents that I experienced through Kim Boyer’s outstanding services. Kim Boyer’s professionalism and extensive knowledge in Elder Law were immensely assuring to me that I had entrusted the best of the best to properly and carefully execute the documents on my behalf and for my family. I also want to extend my deep appreciation to Luisa Heizer for her 5 star excellence and diligence in completion of the work.” – Peggy

Book cover: Alzheimer's and Dementia: A Practical & Legal Guide for Nevada Caregivers by Kim Boyer and Mary Shapiro
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