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Helping Families Who Need To Protect Their Loved Ones With A Guardianship

As our loved ones get older, there may be signs that things are changing. Sometimes these changes are small and present no cause for alarm, but there are other situations where you may begin to worry about a parent or other elderly family member. You may wonder if he or she is able to make clearheaded decisions, or if they need to be protected from someone who may be trying to influence their thoughts and actions.

At Boyer Law Group, in Las Vegas, we can help you and your family establish a guardianship for your loved one. A guardianship is an extremely important estate planning tool that allows the appointed individual legal authority to make decisions for a loved one.

The Benefits Of A Guardianship

Guardianships can be somewhat confusing the first time that you have to go through the process in Nevada. Our experienced lawyer can help you determine if a guardianship is necessary in your case, or if there are other things you can do to help make sure your loved one stays safe.

Some of the most crucial benefits provided by guardianships include:

  • Guarding against undue influence that individuals may have over a loved one’s estate
  • Knowing what to do in the event a loved one becomes incapacitated
  • Documentation regarding specific decisions made on loved one’s behalf

This can sometimes be a challenging thing for families. Realizing that a loved one can no longer live independently can cause lingering disputes to come to the surface. We can help you understand some of the things you can do to minimize these conflicts and make sure that your loved one is protected.

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