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We Are Advocates For Families Facing Elder Care Issues


We have had the honor to help guide many families over the years and the joy of helping guide the next generation. We encourage people to plan ahead and put essential estate planning documents in place, including valid powers of attorney, so that families can avoid guardianship and minimize long-term care costs. It is much better to get a plan in place while you still can. However, we can still provide guidance about options after crisis has struck.

Compassionate Care For More Than Two Decades

Our team has been working together for twenty years and we assess your individual situation and help you understand your options. We help families in these areas: Estate Planning; Elder Law; Probate; Medicaid Planning; Veterans Planning; and Guardianship and Power of Attorney. These issues can be complex and we know the steps to help guide you and your family.

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To take the first step toward sorting out your complicated elder law matters, speak with an attorney. Call our Las Vegas office at 702-255-2000 today, or reach out through our online contact form. If you are curious about what your first meeting will entail, please visit our page on what you can expect.

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