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Why Power Of Attorney Is An Essential Part Of Your Nevada Estate Plan

There is peace of mind that comes with having certainty in times of uncertainty. Knowing that there is one person in place to make decisions and protect assets to help families in the event a loved one becomes critically ill is extremely valuable in times of chaos.

At Boyer Law Group, in Las Vegas, attorney Kim Boyer and team are committed to helping you protect your family. By drafting the necessary power of attorney documents, we can provide your loved one with guidance during what can be a traumatic time. We want you to be able to make this easier for everyone involved.

Various Power Of Attorney Options Available To Individuals

We can review your requests and figure out how best to make sure you are protected. Typically power of attorney documents are put in place as part of an estate plan for two specific reasons: First, to help with finances, and second, to state the health care that should be received if a person becomes incapacitated.

Power of attorney regarding finances allow an appointed individual to access a person’s financial accounts. The appointed person can have full access or restricted access, which varies depending upon the terms of the document. Sometimes the appointed individual does not get access to the accounts until or unless the account holder becomes incapacitated.

For health care, the document usually states that the appointed individual is empowered to make decisions on the loved one’s behalf when he or she becomes incapacitated or is unable to make their own decisions. You need to make sure that the person you select for this position understands what your wishes would be in this scenario.

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