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3 things to do after the death of a loved one

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Probate

Losing a loved one can be a difficult time for you and your Nevada family. In your time of grief, you may also be navigating the complex process of settling his or her estate and determining what to do with personal property. After taking the initial steps of planning for the funeral, there are specific things you can do that will allow you to move forward to initiating the probate process and eventually closing the estate.

In the immediate aftermath of a loss, it can feel impossible to think about anything except the person you lost and your grief. This is why it is helpful to prepare for the future and know what steps will be necessary during this time. The appropriate course of action can help your family meet important requirements and address critical legal and financial matters pertaining to the estate of your loved one.

Closing estate matters

When a person passes away, he or she leaves behind open accounts, personal property and other matters that must be resolved. It is the responsibility of certain individuals to finalize matters and eventually close the estate. Typically, the probate process is a requirement for many estate assets. After you get a legal pronouncement of death, tell friends and family about the death and plan the funeral, the following are important steps you will need to take to address the deceased’s legal and financial affairs:

  • Get certified copies of the death certificate, locate the will and identify the executor. This is a person specifically named in the will to oversee the administration of the estate.
  • File the appropriate paperwork at the local probate court office in order to open the estate, then take an inventory of all estate assets.
  • Provide notifications of the death to interest parties, such as the Social Security Administration, credit agencies and financial advisors.

These are some of the initial steps you can take in order to effort to close the estate of your loved one. The ultimate goal of this process is to distribute assets according to the wishes of the deceased. This is a cumbersome process with a significant amount of paperwork and requirements, and you may find it helpful to have assistance at every step. With guidance, you may find it easier to navigate the probate and avoid setbacks that could cost additional time, money and stress.